Starbucks is trending again!American, latte and other products from the price of 1 to 2 yuan

2022-04-28 0 By

“Starbucks raises prices” topped the list of top trending searches on Weibo.On February 16, many users said on social media that starbucks had raised the price of some products today.According to the official Starbucks APP, the price of many products, including Americano and latte, has been raised by 1 to 2 yuan.Take the americano, which is commonly purchased by consumers, for example, the price of a large cup of Americano on the Starbucks APP is 30 yuan, compared with 28 yuan before.A netizen posted her consumption records on Feb. 15 and Feb. 16, which showed a total price difference of 2 yuan between cold brew coffee and hazelnut latte of the same specification.4. Starbucks customer service in response to the media said that this time only for some drinks and food pricing adjustment, is a comprehensive evaluation and consideration of operating costs and other factors.Recently, Starbucks has become one of the most searched.Earlier, on February 13, a netizen posted that “Chongqing Starbucks advised police to leave the store to eat at the gate”, which caused a hot debate.According to the Internet, starbucks employees saw the police eating at the gate, saying that the police would “affect the brand image”, so they persuaded the police to leave and complained.On February 14, Starbucks China issued a statement saying, “After checking and learning about the ciqikou Starbucks store in Chongqing, the facts are as follows: Four police officers came to the store at around 5 PM on February 13, and the store arranged for them to have dinner in the outdoor customer area.Later, there were other customers who wanted to have dinner in the outdoor dining area, and there was a misunderstanding in the communication between the store partner and the police officer due to inappropriate words when coordinating the seating. We apologize for this.But in the process of the event, there is no network “drive police” and “complaint police” situation.”People’s Daily Online commented that there was no need to overemphasize Starbucks’ status as a foreign company.Drive police this kind of practice, happen in domestic enterprise body also inexcusable.The reason is simple: anyone who harms people who serve the public, violates public order and good customs, or offends public feelings, cannot escape public condemnation.Source: Editor: Chen Chen