I never thought it would be the first to hit an all-time high

2022-04-28 0 By

Nietzsche said, our eyes are our prisons, and all we see are the walls of our prisons.This means that we are limited by our own perceptions, and if we want to break through, we should not limit our vision to our own boundaries.This also applies to the stock market, because too many people only care about their own holdings, only look at the sector they care about, indifferent to what is really happening in the market, so how can you make good stocks?As a result, Niu is focusing on agriculture, infrastructure, digital economy, hotel and tourism, but also on track stocks such as lithium.Affected by the continued price rise of lithium positive impact, recently, a superimposed commodity concept of lithium stocks in mineral resources hit a record high.In fact, not only mineral resources, including Yongxing materials, Rongbai Technology, Germany nano are not far from the new high, mineral resources current price 81, Yongxing materials 147, Rongbai Technology 135, Germany nano 590, a look at the stock price is the masterpiece of the institution, so some big funds have never actually left the lithium plate, from here,In fact, ningde era is not necessarily without the opportunity to create a new high.I myself is rarely do rebound, but if there are new shares of lithium, will take the atmosphere of the whole plate hot, I think like doing lithium, especially ningde times friends can pay attention to the current lithium rebound is the best sustainable.So much for today. In terms of index, I don’t think there is any need to worry. The United States is eager for chaos so that all funds can flow back to the United States, and some domestic funds are also taking advantage of this opportunity to attract funds.Don’t be pessimistic!Latest match conditions of the first “Bull’s Head Cup” (18th trading day)