Good product shandong | one thousand ancient brew: cieme adopt new fragrance

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Spring Festival has always been the peak season of wine consumption, in Shandong, warm a pot of old wine, three or five friends around the stove drinking, is how many people remember leisure happy time.As the northern branch of yellow rice wine, Jimo old wine has rich cultural deposits and nutritional value. In production, it strictly follows the technological essence of “observing the six laws and the five passes”, and “inheritance + quality” makes it the “first choice” for consumers of northern yellow rice wine.In recent years, Jimo old wine has not only maintained a high growth rate, but also constantly innovated in research and development. The products are more and more “younger”, forming a new pattern of “old wine, fragrance in four seasons”.A few days ago, jimo old wine was selected into the first batch of “good Shandong” brand selection list, the future bottle of millennia-old wine will float out a new wine fragrance.Yellow wine is one of the oldest types of wine in the world. Jimo old wine, as a kind of yellow wine, has appeared in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties and has a long history of 4,000 years.After the founding of New China in 1949, the People’s government of Jimo County established the “Jimo County Yellow Distillery”, which was renamed shandong Jimo Yellow Distillery in July 1988.Since its establishment, Jimo Yellow distillery has been strictly in accordance with the requirements of the traditional brewing process of “six methods of ancient heritage”, and then gradually summed up the essence of the process of “keeping six methods and five passes”.The so-called “Keeping six methods” refers to the necessary raw materials and processing conditions for brewing Jimo old wine, that is, millet must be neat, tiller must be timely, water spring must be fragrant, pottery must be good, fire agent must be, zhanzhi must be clean;”The five” refers to 煪 mi, saccharification, fermentation, pressing, aging storage these five production links, each link should be strictly controlled on quality.In 2013, the traditional brewing process of Jimo old wine was listed as “provincial intangible cultural Heritage”, and jimo old wine also enjoys the reputation of “north School of Yellow rice wine”.In 2017, Jimo old wine put into production a new yellow rice wine production workshop. In this modern yellow rice wine production workshop with an annual design capacity of 50,000 tons, the essence of the process of “keeping the six methods and the five passes” has been fully realized through machinery, and the development of Jimo old wine ushered in a new spring.While inheriting the ancient method, In the face of the new market situation, Jimo old wine actively responds to the situation and makes efforts to become younger all year round.In the marketing side, cieme alcohol will “keep six method, and the five off” process took out in the form of the essence with a small video, uploaded to the online marketing network, at the same time build “online (online shopping) + offline (chain stores)” sales network, with the aid of e-commerce platform, develop network marketing channels, along with speed up the construction of brand image stores, drive sales growth.In terms of products, Jimo old wine began to make efforts to high-end products, increase the sales proportion of high-grade products, improve the profit margin of product sales, and adjust the marketing policy from the unified and fixed mode in the early stage to develop different forms of market support according to the market situation, and target the cost to promote the sales of high-grade products.In addition, it is worth paying attention to jimo’s product innovation aimed at young consumers.In June 2020, Jimo old Wine launched its product “Qingyimei”.It is understood that this product is different from the brown traditional jimo wine, which is overflowing with burnt incense. The color of “qingyimei” in the young state is crystal clear and transparent, suitable for drinking at room temperature in four seasons, and the effect is better in summer.”‘ Qingyimei ‘has been well received by consumers, especially young consumers, and greatly expanded the young consumer group of Jimo old wine, and won the’ Green Wine Award ‘among more than 300 new wines, white spirits and yellow rice wine listed in 2020.”In order to inherit the culture of yellow rice wine to the maximum extent, jimo Old wine City Experience Museum, located in the core business district of Shinan District, Qingdao, officially opened on August 12 last year.It is understood that the experience hall behind relying on Qingdao Xinhua Brocade Cultural Innovation Co., LTD., intent to create a fusion of product research and development and sales, altar experience, personalized customization, Jimo old wine characteristic food as one of the jimo old wine characteristic cultural landmark.Entering the experience hall, the screen wall on the face depicts the drinking scene of ancient yellow wine in the form of bronze relief, while the characters “North Zong of Yellow Wine” on both sides of the mural accurately and vividly summarizes the positioning of Jimo old wine in the world of yellow wine.In the hall on the first floor, a variety of old bottles tell the long history of Jimo wine.In the experience hall, consumers can not only enjoy the history and culture of yellow rice wine and the “six ancient heritage methods” brewing process of Jimo old wine, but also can seal the jar of old wine and customize it, and taste the characteristic and creative food such as old wine heart chocolate, old wine cake and old wine milk tea.The person in charge of Jimo old wine said that the city experience hall will become jimo old wine with culture to empower jimo old wine brand construction, to explore jimo old wine this Chinese time-honored product innovation and development of the road is an important carrier.Now, with jimo old wine selected in the first batch of “good Shandong” brand selection list, Jimo old wine usher in high-end brand price increase, this bottle of a thousand years of wine in the future will float out of the new wine.