Both EA888 engines, Volkswagen called TSI, Audi called TFSI, what’s the difference?

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Vw and Audi are a family, so they share a lot of technology.For example, the most critical engine technology, Volkswagen and Audi many models, will use the EA888 engine.In fact, this engine was originally developed by Audi to replace the EA113 engine.In 2006, the first generation OF EA888 engine came out, which was first carried in Magotan models in China.After three generations of technical upgrades and improvements, it became today’s “star engine”, used in various Volkswagen and Audi models.Although TFSI and TSI use the same type of engine, the engine technology of Audi and Volkswagen is not completely the same.We often see audi cars with a string of letters on the back, like 45TFSI, and Volkswagen cars with TSI on the back.There was only one letter difference, but the difference in technology was huge.The number on the front of the 45TFSI represents the power of the engine, and the larger the number, the stronger the power.TFSI stands for turbocharged layered fuel injection technology.Where T stands for turbine and FSI stands for fuel stratified injection technology, which also means that this car uses audi’s unique stratified combustion technology.The engine works by creating a combustible mixture of fuel and air in the cylinder, which is ignited through a spark plug to complete the power stroke.To make the engine more fuel-efficient, you can reduce the amount of fuel injected, but with less, the spark plug is less likely to ignite the mixture.To solve this problem, Audi invented the layered combustion technology.Engine when the piston downward, a small amount of oil, first in the formation of weak mixture in the cylinder and the piston upward compression, the second injection, with special structure or injection Angle, let the increased concentration of mixed gas near the spark plug, is advantageous for the spark plug ignites, and then use this part thicker mixture, to ignite the weak mixture in the cylinder,Thus achieving rarefied combustion is also the essence of layered combustion technology.The biggest benefit of this technology is that it can make engines more fuel-efficient and consume less fuel.Volkswagen’s TSI, which stands for turbocharged direct injection technology, does not use stratified combustion.This is the biggest difference between the two EA888 models.Speaking of which, maybe many Audi owners are very happy and think it is a wise choice to spend tens of thousands more to choose Audi A3 instead of Volkswagen Golf.However, the truth is often cruel. Although the TFSI is written on audi in China, it is not equipped with the layered combustion technology, because the layered combustion technology must use sulfur free gasoline, and all domestic gasoline is sulfur, so Audi has never introduced this technology in China.It’s not that Audi is discriminating against the Chinese market. In fact, Audi has already canceled the use of the technology worldwide.The biggest reason is that there are two reasons. One is the lean burn, which is better for gentle driving, and when you need a lot of power, you still need to switch to a homogeneous burn.Another reason was that the mixture in stratified combustion, burned in an oxygen-rich environment, produced more nitrogen oxides, so the technology was gradually phased out.So audi and Volkswagen’s EA888 are essentially the same engine technology.There are only differences in engine adjustment, gearbox matching and chassis adaptability.It’s not wrong to say audi is Volkswagen, but it’s not very accurate.Although we are all family, we may have different temperaments, personalities and looks.