Pingdingshan High-tech Zone: Healthy Spring Festival epidemic prevention is not lax

2022-04-27 0 By

On the afternoon of January 28th, the electrical equipment Industrial Park held a plenary meeting to emphasize and make arrangements for epidemic prevention and control work and related work before the Spring Festival.On January 29, electrical equipment industrial park area of enterprise staff to monitor the epidemic prevention and control work, into the enterprise of all vehicles and personnel strict implementation of “bright (Saul) code + temperature measurement, wearing a mask” prevention and control measures, such as factory strictly implement xiaosha process, establish and register, xiaosha working parameter, and report to the enterprise information on the summary table.At the same time, the park staff are advised not to organize, hold or participate in gathering activities, and not to go to places where people gather, especially closed ones. They are encouraged to pay New Year’s greetings through wechat, the Internet and telephone.Before the holiday, carry out office hygiene cleaning, clean up dead spots, do a clean and tidy environment, reduce the risk of virus transmission.Electrical equipment industry park tightens the epidemic prevention and control this string, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, grasp the real epidemic prevention and control work during the Spring Festival, pays special attention to the prevention and control work more scientific, accurate, effective, woven knit up normalized control network, firmly escort for the enterprise development, to ensure that you have a peaceful and safe of the Spring Festival.