Our county held a provincial party committee ideological supervision work feedback problem rectification will advance

2022-04-27 0 By

On March 15, our county held the promotion meeting of the rectification of the feedback problems of the ideological supervision work of the Provincial Party Committee, listening to the report of the rectification plan and the situation of the feedback problems of the ideological supervision work of the provincial Party Committee, and making arrangements for the next step of the work.The standing committee of the County Party Committee, the minister of the Publicity Department, the deputy head of the county Xie Zhen and the county committee office, civilization Office, rong media center and other relevant units related responsible person attended the meeting.The meeting stressed the need to further enhance ideological understanding, effectively shoulder the main responsibility for the rectification work, constantly improve the rectification plan and measures, and make solid progress in the rectification work;We need to formulate rules and regulations, establish a long-term mechanism with a complete system, scientific standards and effective operation, continue to carry out follow-up rectification, deepen and consolidate the results of rectification, and effectively turn them into a strong driving force for accelerating development.