Metaverse technology constructs a virtual world that mirrors and transcends the real world

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The Metadverse was one of the highlights of global technology in 2021 and the word of the year for 2022.What is the meta-universe, anyway?Many people mistake it for a disruptive new technology.In fact, metaverse technology already exists, but in a new guise, typically old wine in a new bottle.The English word for the metaverse is metaverse, and the translation of the word is “virtual reality”, which makes a lot of sense.The e concept of a meta-universe was first proposed in 1992 by science fiction writer Steven Stevenson in his novel Avalanche.Metaverse and Avatar are first mentioned in the original avalanche.In the novel, people can have their own virtual avatars in the “Metaverse”, which is called the “Metaverse”. Literally speaking, the Metaverse consists of two parts: Meta and Universe.That is to build a parallel and persistent virtual world on top of the real world through technological capabilities.Metaverse can be traced back to the 1981 novel The Real Name by Vernor Vinge, an American mathematician. The author creatively conceived a virtual world that was accessed and experienced through a brain-computer interface.The genre of virtual breakthroughs has been around since the 17th century, when Cervantes proposed a virtual world in his work Don Quixote.In 1996, Norwegian writer Jostan Jard showed how life allows people to look at our lives from the perspective of the universe in Sophie’s World.With the development of digital technology, virtual world has been integrated into people’s life, leading people to traverse and explore between virtual world and real world.Metaverse technology is not a new technology, but a combination of other digital technologies.Its essence is to construct a virtual world that maps the real world and transcends it by extending the latest achievements of reality technology (AR, VR, MR), blockchain, digital twinning, cloud computing and quantum technology.There are many applications for metasverse technology.For example, in our talent evaluation field, you can simulate a virtual world by evaluating you in the real world.Sometimes think, the real world “you” and the virtual world “you” together in conversation, how amazing it is.The metasomes, it seems, give hope to our second Life aspirations.Get up early, read in the morning, metaverse is old technology new.Guidance on Innovation and Entrepreneurship — February 5, 2022