Linzi, Zibo, fireworks banned for many years, the resurgence, all the previous efforts wasted

2022-04-27 0 By

Linzi district of Zibo city has banned fireworks for many years in a row. In previous years, the implementation was relatively in place, but this year’s Spring Festival, the ban was repeated.On The eve of New Year’s Eve, many residential areas are not lack of people secretly discharge.Especially zero time, firecrackers are incessant in the ear.Because it is late at night, lack of law enforcement supervision, and it is not convenient for the public to report, so there are a lot of illegal release phenomenon, causing air pollution, affecting the rest of the residents.Despite the ban, many residents secretly bought fireworks in the nearby city of Qingzhou or on the edge of Linzi.In addition to the urban areas secretly set off firecrackers, rural areas are more continuous firecrackers, especially when going to the grave, is blatantly set off, so it is easy to cause fire.It is hoped that law enforcement departments will further strengthen supervision of law enforcement, so that years of prohibition will not be destroyed at once and all previous efforts will be abandoned.