Zhangjiakou Media Reception Station, “City of Winter Olympics” in 2022, successfully completed the volunteer service task during the Winter Olympics

2022-04-26 0 By

On the morning of February 20, the 2022 Zhangjiakou Media Reception station held a summary meeting to commend the outstanding volunteers who worked hard in the reception station during the Winter Olympic Games.We exchanged and shared our thoughts and harvest from the volunteer service, and drew a successful end to the 20-day volunteer service.After intensive recruitment and selection, the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League of Zhangjiakou recommended 41 volunteers with high foreign language and reception ability to participate in the service guarantee work of the reception station.Among them, there are 14 excellent bilingual volunteers selected by the tax system, 8 senior volunteers from all over the country who have participated in the media volunteer service of large-scale games, and 19 college students.The 41 volunteers were divided into 7 groups according to the location, respectively responsible for shuttle station, daily reporting of media reporters, media workshop, interview line, domestic media, foreign media information collection and research.Up to now, volunteers have picked up and dropped off more than 330 journalists, assisted more than 260 people with check-in procedures, communicated with more than 600 people with journalists, provided services for more than 820 journalists for 27 times, and provided concierge reception and guidance for more than 360 people. The total volunteer service time is nearly 3,600 hours.Assisted Xinhuanet, CCTV News, Focus interviews, Learning power, China Transportation News, Hebei TV, Great Wall New media and other media platforms to publish 36 publicity reports on volunteer service.During the service, the volunteers conscientiously performed their duties, strictly observed the media service discipline, and served enthusiastically, carefully and thoughtfully. They received three letters of thanks and praise from the media, staff and leaders at all levels of the reception station.(Chen Wen)