With its support, agricultural sales from now on not passive

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Eating occupies at least one tenth of our life.We can’t eat without produce, but as consumers, we are so familiar with so many brands that we can’t name a few.Compared with daily chemicals, electronic products and other categories, the market size of agricultural products is considerable, but the number of brands is very few.Even the best agricultural brands account for less than 0.1 per cent of the overall market.This is especially true in the chicken industry.China is the world’s largest poultry egg production, more than 10 million people employed in the layer industry.Throughout the industrial development, farmers are better at the production link, while the sales link is relatively weak.For quite a long time, China’s egg market is in a state of disordered competition with no brand, no quality standard and no distinction between merits and demerits.Even a region is monopolized by one or several egg dealers control the market situation, layer farmers lose their bargaining power.Ren Chunqing in Jinan, Shandong province, is one of many people who want to change this situation.Ren chunqing graduated from Shandong Agricultural University in 1987 and worked at Jinan Agricultural Research Institute.He wants to build his own chicken farm, build a brand and improve the added value of eggs.We hope to find out a new breeding and sales model through trial and error, and then promote and copy it to solve the passive situation that farmers are often pressured by dealers.The pursuit of differentiation is the eternal theme of brand based on market competition.To produce character, choose distinctive variety that has difference, it is the first step.Around 2008, the main varieties of laying hens in Shandong were White Lehang, Rohman and Hyline, while Ren chose Taishan Black.The whole body of this kind of chicken is black, and the shape is very different from other varieties of laying hens, and eat less, lay more eggs.If you want to build a brand, you have to improve breeding methods and breeding technology, so that products have their own characteristics, pay attention to product quality.Quality is the cornerstone of a brand, and the biggest characteristic of a strong brand is high quality.Jinan area has a special ore, called wood fish stone, rich in a variety of trace elements, the local people mainly use it to make health tea sets.Since Ren Chunqing raised The Taishan black chicken, he would collect the leftover leftover materials from the wood fish and stone processing factory to break them and feed them in feed.When feeding chickens, they need to add some stone powder to improve digestion and calcium supplement.Wood fish stone contains a variety of trace elements, with it instead of ordinary stone powder, chicken after eating eggs eggshell hard, tight yolk.This breeding method can not only increase the quality of eggs, but also become a brand promotion point and deepen consumers’ memory of the product.China is worthy of the name of the egg production country. In 2021, the average annual population of high-yield laying hens is 1.107 billion, and the egg output is 21.24 million tons, accounting for about 24% of the world’s total egg output.However, the modernization level of China’s layer breeding industry is relatively backward, and there is a certain gap between the production performance and the advanced level of foreign countries.This is closely related to the scale and structure of breeding in China.According to data, about 90% of the laying hens in China are raised in small-scale laying farms with less than 100,000 laying hens in a single farm.Limited by cost investment place, 100 thousand small scale chicken farm below is difficult to achieve more advanced level in technology, management personnel, these chicken farms are lack of professional management personnel, management level can not keep up.In the rapid development of Internet technology, solutions have been found to the problems plaguing the whole industry.Utilizing big data, Internet of things and cloud computing to realize Internet + chicken raising has become a new breakthrough.Ren installed cameras in the chicken coop, put anklets on the chickens, and printed qr codes on the eggs. Each egg can be traced back to its origin, and consumers can scan the QR code to see how each chicken was fed.Through the cloud breeding mode of “agriculture + intelligence”, the whole process of monitoring the growth of chickens, tracing the whole process, to create an ID card for each egg, he tries to create a good brand image of product quality in this way, to win the trust and recognition of consumers on the product.In 2018, Ren began to replicate and promote his breeding model, leading the establishment of a professional cooperative that has helped more than 300 breeding households raise layers.He wants to replicate the internet-based intelligent model of laying chicken industry to more chicken farms, so that farmers can raise chickens with high quality and competitive prices.”Agriculture + Tourism + Internet”, learn to embrace the era of brand image, depends on the brand itself awareness, reputation and consumer trust and loyalty to the brand, consumer feelings and feedback is an important part of brand building.Enterprises want to quickly improve product visibility, especially agricultural enterprises, need to find ways to let consumers “seeing is believing”.Many agricultural enterprises choose to use the combination of agriculture and tourism to attract consumers to visit the base, see the breeding environment and taste the products produced in this environment, and increase their trust.Ren Chunqing invested more than 3 million yuan to transform the breeding base into a villa, which sets up breeding areas and tourist interaction areas, and also built a restaurant.Invite local and surrounding city citizens to visit for free, regularly hold chicken, eggs, free taste taishan black chicken and eggs and other activities.In this process, Ren Chunqing will take the opportunity to develop members, members of the order for a year of eggs, free taishan chicken.In this way, the brand image was further strengthened, Ren Chunqing gained a number of loyal iron fans, and gradually opened up sales channels.With the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet has also become an important channel for agricultural enterprises to promote products and improve product visibility. “Agriculture + Internet” has become the standard.Network promotion aimed at hundreds of millions of network users has the advantages of low cost, high income and quick effect.Ren Chunqing, who was born in 1962, has always been interested in new things. He invested millions of yuan to build a mobile APP and a platform for information consultation and exchange in the chicken industry.Set up a professional live broadcasting team, open the mode of live broadcasting with goods, and sell chickens and eggs.Now, Ren has a live broadcast team of 25 people, each of whom has his own live broadcast account, and his team has more than 1 million fans.The establishment of brand image is a long-term business accumulation process, a good brand can inject new vitality into agricultural products, promote the sales and development of products, but also can obtain added value of products, win consumer recognition.On this basis, “agriculture plus” will give people more imagination and operation space.