TongDao!102-year-old “death squad” hero Chen Xunyang, gone

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On 23 January 30 points at 3 am old hero Chen Xunyang Chen Xunyang has died at the age of 102 years old, born in 1920, jiangxi yichun gaoan large continent town village people participated in the liberation war, the war to resist U.S. aggression and won the merit citation twice, once was rated as class I, “water hero” retired after his deep ability to participate in more than 60 years until the old man nearly hundred years old his hometown constructionTrace is gradually known in April 1949 the Chinese People’s Liberation Army decided to launch the battle of crossing the River Chen Xunyang in the 46th division 138 regiment set up crossing the river commandos to seize the crossing, beat off the enemy’s fortress, open for the army commandos, in fact, is the “death squad” registration conditions have three:Party member, Southerner, water expert Chen Xunyang did not know water, nor was he a Party member, but he bravely and firmly signed up to join the commandos the battle broke out in the early hours of one day, the wind across the river was strong, the waves were high, the commandos across the river rowed boats and rushed to the south bank of the Yangtze River. The enemy’s heavy artillery kept falling around the boat and blowing up the water column.And the bodies of the dead comrades floating in the river is difficult to distinguish…I didn’t know what life was or what death was. I just kept going…”Chen Xunyang was often immersed in this unforgettable memory. After successfully knocking down the enemy fortress, Chen Xunyang braked bullets as the helmsman of the boat and picked up his comrades six times on the river. From two o ‘clock in the morning to eight o ‘clock in the morning, he never stopped with his “iron bone head”.Tireless in his final attempt to cross the river his small ferry was smashed to pieces by enemy shells. Chen Xunyang floated on a wooden board for a long time before landing. After the battle, Chen was honored as a hero on the water and joined the Communist Party of China in 1950,Chen Xunyang went into North Korea with his troops, often exposed to enemy fire and cold and hungry volunteers. In April 1955, the bloody war ended. Chen xunyang was demobilized and returned home.He was appointed as the instructor of the third Company of The Gaoan Shangyouhu Reservoir Construction Group. On the site, he took the lead in getting up at 3 o ‘clock every morning and having three meals a day. He solved many problems in the construction of the reservoir on the site.Again when fighters Chen Xunyang said two things all his life he will only do wars and reservoir Chen Xunyang led them day and night to dry the regimental headquarters every month summary conference his company is a firm advanced from 1956 to 1960, he has participated in building green mountain, camphor tree ridge, Kowloon, on the boat, kam channel reservoir, the dam was named the county labor model Chen Ba root, Chen Ba Britain,Chen Ba chicken…In the middle of each of his children’s names was the Chinese character “Ba”. This was Chen Xunyang’s deepest feelings for his family and country.Construction of water conservancy organization intends to dispatch Chen Xunyang to sand the nursery can he feel like a will only “a lout of war more don’t want to lie on the list to live he find county leadership initiative to apply for to give up the” iron rice bowl “to return to their hometown when farmers planting, development, orchards, dredging channels when the brigade party branch secretary during the days he led the villagers village construction has become the continent”Township entire villiage “lost his left eye severe deformation of the shoulder blade covered in wounds are fighting for the hundred – year – old veteran seal and glory of smoke, arduous revolutionary war years old man, sprinklewarm-blooded impoverished, the construction of the plowed the years he’s spearhead the paving stone, screw him” ego “carved into power for the home countries feelings write down the most vivid annotation hero,Go all the way!Article source: Chinese ex-soldier (ID: ZgTYJR).Reprint need to indicate from “Chinese ex-servicemen” wechat public number, otherwise regarded as infringement.Source: Published by People’s Daily and Yichun