Zhang Yimou’s new film sucks, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics could change the situation, wu Jing should watch out

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Article: Tao Son Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony after the end of the country, people from excited to excited to the surging heart, all these psychological changes, let the people of the world see the wonderful China!One person to thank is director Zhang Yimou.From the beginning to the end of the opening ceremony, a whole flow down, have to mention the “heart” two words.Whether it is the passing of the national flag, or the lighting of the last leg of the torch, let people look at the heart.And the giant snowflake, also all the participating countries names.As the final torch burns in the centre, there is no last torchbearer, just the names of all the participating countries, a sight that will indeed move delegations.After seeing such a spectacular opening ceremony, the Chinese people seemed to realize that director Zhang Yimou also has a new film to be released during the Spring Festival.And at the end of the opening ceremony, about one o ‘clock in the morning, Director Zhang Yimou was also invited to the CCTV broadcast room, in the broadcast room, Bai Yansong also specially with Zhang Director about the opening ceremony of some experience.Most importantly, he mentioned the new film directed by Zhang Yimou.After hearing Bai Yansong’s words, Zhang Yimou also smiled knowingly, saying that he did not have time to watch his film’s attendance and box office situation.But I know the layout is supposed to suck.And at this time, Bai Yansong is also very timely to add that after the end of the opening ceremony, there should be a good effect of feedback.After hearing this, the Chinese people will immediately realize that director Zhang Yimou has another hit film released during the Spring Festival.Such a wonderful opening ceremony, can the movie be bad?That’s probably why everyone wants to see sniper?Let’s take a look at the box office status of several films released during the Spring Festival.Topping the list is Wu Jing’s “Changjin Lake Watergate Bridge,” which earned nearly 2 billion yuan.In second place was “The Professional,” which grossed nearly $1 billion.Rounding out the top three was “Miracle Kid,” starring Jackson Yi, which grossed nearly 500 million yuan.It was followed by “The Four Seas” and “Boonie bears,” while “Sniper” ranked sixth.The film by Zhang Yimou is not a great film in terms of the list of films that hit theaters during the Spring Festival.After all, the Spring Festival is the most crowded and free time, so why there are so many films lining up to release new films during the Spring Festival? That’s the reason.So ‘Sniper,’ at least for the Chinese New Year, is a laggard compared to several other films released at the same time.Therefore, we can understand bai Yansong’s words more or less. In fact, he unconsciously mentioned this matter, but this kind of words said during this period, the meaning is completely different.During the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, director Zhang Yimou had no time to deal with his new film. His whole mind was focused on the opening ceremony. As the chief director, he had to do so, and he had no spare time to pay attention to the effect of the new film.However, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was truly spectacular, with almost no negative reviews online and everyone clapping their hands in awe of zhang Yimou’s entire opening ceremony.Therefore, after hearing that the screening rate of zhang Yimou’s new film is not very good, everyone also expressed their ideas on the Internet, and also called on the major theaters to act quickly, this is a great opportunity for attendance, do not miss it!Especially after the end of the opening ceremony, director Zhang Yimou’s “Sniper” I’m afraid will be a good horse full of stamina!Wu Jing should also be careful, although changjin Lake has a good reputation, plus it is the second part of the heritage, but in any case, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is just around the corner, under this opportunity, director Zhang Yimou’s new film is very likely to catch up with the first.However, there is no way to obstruct this kind of thing, and there is no way to predict with certainty. “Changjin Lake” has its own reputation as a guarantee, coupled with Wu Jing’s work will not disappoint, so we have no way to give up such a good film.And zhang Yimou director by the success of the Opening ceremony in Beijing, estimates that “Sniper” this film in recent days results will be driven forward, as to whether it will exceed the first, it is not so easy to say.But looking at the online comments on the opening ceremony, everyone seemed to rank “Sniper” in the top three, the power of the Chinese people can not be ignored.Because everyone has a sense of national honor and disgrace in the opening ceremony so successful, so shocking, let China’s strong towards the world, such a comprehensive display, director Zhang Yimou can not do!Many netizens also said that watching the opening ceremony is like opening a blind box, because it will always surprise you, always make your hands shake!So “Sniper” is bound to come out on top, and when people want this movie to stand out, it’s bound to come out on top!Finally, I would like to thank Director Zhang Yimou for the wonderful opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, and look forward to the success of Sniper.More look forward to the Chinese athletes in the main stage of the Winter Olympics march forward, rushed to the first!Come on!– the END —