The national two sessions first proposed to “meet the reasonable housing needs of home buyers” to see “top students” Changsha ready to do

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The contents about real estate in the annual NPC and CPPCC government work report are the weathervane of real estate development.This year, the direction of “housing not speculation” has not changed, adhere to the return to the basic property of housing.It is worth mentioning that the report not only reiterated that “urban policies to promote the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry”, but also proposed for the first time to “support the commercial housing market to better meet the reasonable housing needs of home buyers”.Changsha is a city that allows ordinary people to live in peace and speculators to stop, so it has also set a “changsha sample” of “city-specific policy” regulation.As an “excellent student”, how will Changsha continue to exert its strength in the “city specific policies” in 2022?And how to “better meet the reasonable housing needs of home buyers”?Rednet moment news reporter Yue Jin changsha reported “due to the city policy” control of the “Changsha sample” Changsha, is “a let the tenants have to go to the city without return”.At present, the main aspects of changsha commercial housing regulation policy include: local single household registration limit one set;Married families with local household registration are limited to two sets per family;The second house can be purchased if the real estate certificate of the first house has been more than 4 years or the online signature has been more than 6 years.Non-local residents who have paid income tax for 24 consecutive months or social security for 24 months within 30 months can purchase only one set.In addition, the owner of the real estate certificate of full 4 years, can be sold outside.Continuous policy support, Changsha real estate control has achieved good results.In fact, this has experienced a process of increasing regulation and control.Set the clock back to 2017.This year, Changsha introduced the “3·18”, “5·20” and “9·23” regulation policies.In 2018, China introduced a series of measures against real estate speculation on June 25, launching an all-out battle against real estate speculation and housing price protection.The continuous policy has achieved good results.Housing price depression is the basis of happiness highland, but also changsha adhere to the “housing not speculation” positioning, the correct pulse of the market rhythm and change, maintain control and perseverance, careful planning, sincere cooperation, precise policy results.On February 17, changsha real estate development enterprises forum was held.On February 17, 2022, The Audience learned from the symposium of real estate development enterprises held in Changsha that in 2021, the supply of new commercial housing in Changsha will be 19.5578 million square meters, and the transaction volume will be 20.991 million square meters. The supply and sales ratio will remain at about 1:1, and the reduction cycle will remain at about 8 months.Housing prices were stable and controllable. The ratio of housing prices to income was lower than that of provincial capitals, and the fluctuation of housing prices was in line with the fluctuation of per capita disposable income.The continuous regulation and control of changsha real estate market has created a stable market environment for the establishment of a long-term mechanism. Changsha has become a city where people can live in peace and speculators can step back, and it has also set a “sample of Changsha” in the regulation and control of “policies based on the city”.Building “low-end security, mid-end supply, high-end market” housing pattern can be seen from this year’s TWO sessions, “housing is not speculation” has been mentioned for three consecutive years, which means that the target and bottom line of property control has not changed.At the same time, this year, we once again put forward “stabilizing land prices, housing prices and expectations” and “implementing policies tailored to the needs of cities”, with special mention of a virtuous cycle and healthy development.In contrast to previous reports, this year for the first time proposed “supporting the commercial housing market to better meet the reasonable housing needs of home buyers”.Changsha, as a “top student”, what new measures will there be this year?The 2022 Changsha Housing and Urban and Rural Development Work Conference will be fully deployed.”In 2022, Changsha will implement categorized, comprehensive and precise regulation according to the requirements of ‘tailored policies’ to promote the healthy development and virtuous cycle of the real estate market, support the commercial housing market to better meet the reasonable housing demand of buyers, and better integrate into the development strategy of’ strengthening the provincial capital ‘and the overall development of’ three high and four New ‘.”Changsha Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development said that it will optimize the supply structure, meet reasonable demand, optimize the market format and improve the quality of construction in four aspects to ensure that the city’s real estate market toward a better, better and stronger direction.We should adhere to the linkage of real estate, and comprehensively optimize land supply, market demand, stock increment, and business type structure in order to balance supply and demand in the market.In terms of land supply structure, we will pay more attention to optimizing the ratio of housing to housing, housing and housing, namely, improving the quality and expanding the coverage of government-subsidized housing to new citizens and young talents.We will continue to implement the method of “limiting housing prices and controlling land prices” to ensure that housing is just needed.We will appropriately support the improvement of demand and supply land by “limiting housing prices, controlling land prices and competing for quality”.In line with the principle of “maintaining policy continuity and meeting reasonable demand”, we will resolutely curb demand for speculation and speculation in real estate. On the premise of “adequate security, adequate demand and complementary improvement”, we will explore space for differentiated policy improvement and support demand for reasonably improved housing.In terms of the structure of the market, more attention should be paid to optimizing the “commercial/residential ratio”, thoroughly implementing measures to reduce the inventory of non-residential projects, and implementing a long-term management mode of listing problems, providing solutions and addressing problems for non-residential projects.Adhere to the “one district, one plan, one plan” approach, with districts and counties (cities) as the main body, fully combined with regional industrial development, effectively revitalize non-residential resources, foster new forms of business and a good atmosphere for commercial development.With strict quality assurance, the concept of the whole life cycle will run through the whole project, and in accordance with the construction requirements of “four fine and five have”, we will strive to promote high-quality development of the real estate market.In addition, combining with urban planning, commercial network planning, housing planning, etc., the industrial function zoning positioning should be optimized to form a cascade and quality housing project structure.In terms of the stock, combining with the quality improvement and urban renewal of the existing residential areas, we will make up the shortage of supporting facilities, security and other hardware facilities, comprehensively improve the comprehensive environment of residential areas, improve the level of property management, and comprehensively improve the living quality and living environment of Changsha.”Reasonable housing demand” includes rigid housing demand and improved housing demand.One reality is that the demand for improved housing in Changsha is increasing in the market.Promoting the release of demand for improvement can not only open up the circulation of second-hand housing, new housing and land market, but also promote investment in urban renewal and reconstruction, which is of great help to the development of the rental market.To this, Changsha also has a new plan.In 2022, Changsha will gradually build a housing pattern of “low-end security, mid-end supply and high-end market”.”According to the policy of optimizing the demand characteristics of rigid and improved housing, Changsha tries out the land transfer method of ‘limiting housing price, controlling land price and competing quality’ to meet the reasonable demand of people for house purchase.”, head of the above points, in 2022, will just need to change room, need to improve housing, affordable housing housing rational allocation of housing system, the construction of a batch of high quality, improve the residential project, pole type, to guide the real estate market diversification development, the formation of phase type, quality of housing project structure, at the same time also will vigorously promote the reform of housing supply side structural,Gradually build “low-end security, mid-end supply, high-end market” housing pattern.