One Piece: can Lo defeat Mingo now?Of course can!The most is the goalkeeper of the emperor

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Luo in the recent plot of outstanding performance, in the face of four huang Aunt such an old strong, not only not inferior, but the fruit ability to play to the extreme, with Kidd will forcibly pull down the aunt altar.To know at the beginning of the luo de Res Rosa, strength is not as good as the original seven wuhai Mingge?If Luo and Mingo were to fight again, would mingo win again?Many fans would say no.If you want to know whether luo’s current strength can defeat Mingo, first compare the strength gap between Mingo and the four emperors.In fact, through mingo’s attitude towards the four sovereigns, we can find that he knows how big the gap between himself and the four sovereigns is. In terms of individual strength, Mingo cannot compare with the four sovereigns at all. But is Mingo really inferior to the four sovereigns in all aspects?Well, depending on who you’re comparing them to, if it’s the Four Emperors, maybe Mingo is more mobile than mingo, because she’s a lot bigger than Mingo and she moves slower than Mingo.But given the range of moves the Four Emperors can make, even Mingo’s maneuverability is in vain against the absolute best.Mingo’s three-color domineering and fruit development ability, in the world of One Piece is indeed a handful of existence, but compared with the four emperors, it seems that there is still no outstanding place.The four Huangda not only master the three color domineering, but also master the “domineering color winding”. In the battle, we clearly see the extent of the development of the fruit of the aunt, and even let the soul fruit for their own healing. It can be seen that the fruit development ability of the aunt is not inferior to Mingge.Mingo was defeated by Luffy in fourth gear in Del Res Rosa, and Luffy, who was also in fourth gear against Kaido, was knocked unconscious by a stick.Therefore, when Mingo and the fourth emperor are put together, the fourth emperor must be crushing, mingo has no possibility to fight back, after all, he can not even beat the fourth gear flying, let alone the fourth emperor.Looking back on the battle between Luo and Mingo, we can find that Luo’s fighting IQ is not inferior to Mingo’s, but he has the upper hand in many confrontations, and even caused a heavy blow to Mingo’s internal organs in a fight. If Mingo didn’t save himself through the fruit ability, then luo won the battle.Generally speaking, the biggest reason for Luo’s failure at the beginning was that his “basic skills” were not as good as Mingo’s, namely “domineer application” and “fruit development”, which were the key abilities of Luo’s inferior to Mingo’s.Look again at the ghost island war luo’s performance, whether it is arrogant or fruit development has obvious progress, especially in the fruit development, has reached the realm of “fruit awakening”.Through the latest words of the plot, luo’s fruit with their own excellent fighting INTELLIGENCE, can easily disintegrate the enemy from the body, even in the face of the four emperors aunt such a legendary strong, but also so.If you put the current ronaldo and Mingo together, the winner will be the former.Luo is not one-sided in his battles with dama, which alone shows that he is superior to Mingo.Ronaldinho and Kidd combined to beat Dama, confirming their power status and calling them “goalkeepers” is no exaggeration.And mingge such a veteran seven wuhai, in terms of strength is slightly less.What do you think of their current strength?Let us know in the comments section.