Jiaojiang District “four checks” to do war new enterprise identification work

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Strategic emerging industries, as industries with huge growth potential, are characterized by high technological content, great market potential, strong driving ability and good comprehensive benefits.In order to consolidate the basic statistical basis of strategic emerging industries, strengthen the monitoring and research of strategic emerging industries, and accurately reflect the scale and quality of zhanxin enterprises, Jiaojiang District Bureau of Statistics “four checks” solidly promote the identification of zhanxin enterprises.First, careful deployment, good quality “entry”.Before the annual warehouse entry approval work begins, on the one hand, carefully comb 2021 strategic emerging industry identification standards, war new enterprise declaration required materials, audit points and matters needing attention, sorted into a detailed list and timely sent to the town (street) statisticians;On the other hand, according to the 2021 war new product catalog table, it is clear that the war new enterprise identification is based on products rather than enterprises, so as to further improve the town (street) statisticians’ profound understanding of the war new enterprise declaration work, and provide a strong guarantee for the war new enterprise identification.The second is to strengthen the comparison, the good data “audit”.Strictly follow, according to the working process in accordance with the standards for examination and approval of put in storage, and list of library professional work, close cooperation, to the enterprise business license, registration form, new product information table, war declaration data, such as the new product pictures carefully review in time, avoid to declare the material is not complete, product code is wrong, the lack of official seal, new product images do not reflect actual errors,Ensure the integrity and accuracy of source information.In addition, for existing new enterprises, according to the new output value data of 2020 annual report, we should timely apply for the withdrawal of zombie enterprises with no data in the database and enterprises with wrong definition of new products in the original war.Third, horizontal communication, good row touch “sharing”.Strengthen communication with the Development and Reform Bureau, verify the list of new enterprises according to the feedback of the development and reform Bureau, improve the accuracy of the list, especially cooperate with the development and Reform Bureau to strengthen the comparative analysis of enterprises in the same industry, and contact the non-catalog enterprises with new enterprises in the same industry one by one.Further clarify whether the products produced by enterprises meet the identification standards of strategic emerging industries, to ensure that there is no omission, so as to complete the system.Fourth, we will refine our services and ensure the quality of our indicators.Selection and calculation method for relevant indicators, product code calendar year battle report submitted to the common problems existed in the course of the New Year, jiaojiang bureau professionals take online mentoring and offline guide the way of combining face to face to the new logo this year in new enterprise statistics business peer-to-peer training, counseling provided personnel right cognitive index meaning, statistical caliber, and submit the application,At the same time, remind enterprises to pay attention to audit requirements, basic work and other matters, to do a good job in 2021 new war report to lay a solid foundation.Jiaojiang District Bureau Liu Xuming statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com