Cool will become food heaven!Liupanshui City culture promotion Meeting food culture committee set sail

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Spring is in the air!Liangdu Liupanshui ushered in a gourmet event!On the afternoon of February 18, the Food Culture Development Committee of Liupanshui Cultural Industry Promotion Association was formally awarded the establishment. More than 40 local food and beverage enterprises, food industry experts and food lovers gathered together to discuss the development of Liangdu food.Chinese Cuisine Association culture and Tourism Characteristic Cuisine Development Committee, Guizhou Food Industry Association, Guizhou Food Culture Research Association sent a congratulatory letter, and sent personnel specially to attend the conference.Song Lijin, former director of Liupanshui Merchants Bureau;City public welfare union chairman, dean of the College of Literature Yang Xiaotian;Shi Anfang, chairman of the City dramatists Association, Chen Hong, executive chairman of the City Cheongsam Association;City tourism cultural investment, municipal agricultural investment state-owned companies and other catering enterprises part of the person in charge to attend the meeting.Luo Zhouxi, executive President of Municipal Cultural Industry Promotion Association;Vice President Hu Guipu and Hu Sheng were present to welcome the guests and preside over the meeting.The awarding ceremony was presided over by Chen Hong.Luo Zhouxi mentioned in his speech: Liupanshui Cultural Industry Promotion Association is an important social organization and platform to promote the great development and prosperity of the city’s cultural industry.Set up eight years, the city promote constantly advancing with The Times, pioneering spirit, to participate in promoting culture and economic development in liupanshui city, each enterprise are paying off, food culture development committee was established article will promote the first industry group, all the committee members to brainstorm, deep research into the restaurant industry research and actively build service platform,Inject cultural elements into the catering industry of Liupanshui in Liangdu, enhance cultural brand value and market competitiveness, realize the perfect combination of beauty + food in cultural tourism, unite the catering staff in Liupanshui, establish an effective platform, and choose the opportunity to hold food culture forum, food festival, food brand selection activities,Strive to make the city culture will promote the food culture development committee has become a city to promote the brand culture in a beautiful card, become food in liupanshui city cultural industry and cultural force, for in liupanshui in the transformation and upgrading quality efficiency play a huge role, mass transfer efficiency and high quality for the city’s cultural industry development to make due contributions!Vice President Hu Guipu read out the documents approved by the Municipal Culture promotion Committee to establish the food culture development Committee;Luo Zhouxi awarded the card and seal to Hu Sheng, vice president and director of the committee.Earlier this year, The State Council issued opinions on supporting Guizhou to blaze a new trail in the development of western China in the new Era, Hu said.The Opinions made it clear that Guizhou should build a supply base for green agricultural products and promote “Guizhou goods out of the mountains”.We will support Guizhou in actively promoting specialty foods and promoting the prosperity and development of its cultural and tourism industries.Based on the special geographical environment, history and culture, folk customs and other factors, the city cultural products promotion Association food culture Development Committee will focus on the education of unique local food culture, enhance the brand value, the taste of the mountain based on modern network communication tools, through the online platform, promote offline food series activities.It plays an active role in industry development, market expansion, agricultural products procurement, helping farmers to increase income and so on.In the plastic brand, upgrade, chain, build standards, education team, security ideas, speed up the creation of food industry chain, deeply dig the heritage of guizhou cuisine history and culture, give full play to the role of food sales on the revitalization of the city economy.Let the green ecological, nutritious and delicious liangdu ingredients into wonderful food, onto the table of thousands of families, to promote the good and rapid development of liangdu Liupanshui catering industry.Liupanshui City culture promotion Meeting food culture development committee also hired Wang Yuanping, Shang Jie, Wu Zonghui three catering industry experts to guide the relevant work.The scene showed the local characteristics of food: Chen Jia dumplings, He Cheng Impression braised chicken, Pu ‘an Wujin chicken, Liuzhi ciba spicy, “Miyou Hong” kiwi fruit wine, “Chuhao” rose juice and other local food appeared on the scene, the scene of food fans praised countless.Awarding ceremony also got guizhou Xinyouran Wine Co., LTD.;Mantanghong Catering Company;Liangdu Kiwi Fruit Industry Co., LTD.Guizhou Jinhe Poultry Industry Company;Ms. Hong Chen;Lotus city impression stewed chicken;Chen dumplings;Great support and sponsorship from MK PARK KTV.Liupanshui City Cultural Industry Promotion Association food Culture Development Committee is setting sail, actively participate in the joint efforts to make Liupanshui Liangdu into a delicious city in western Guizhou, food heaven, this day is not far away.What are the delicious dishes in Liupanshui?Cool small diffuse to tell you!1. Food: Shuicheng Hot pot, Shuicheng Lamb soup pot, Panzhou ham, Panzhou beef, Cichong Chicken hot pot, Nongjia Eight Bowls, Liuzhiyan foot noodles and Liangdu Brother spicy chicken, etc.;2. Delicious: Shuicheng mutton powder, Chenjia dumplings, Hecheng impression braised chicken, six glutinous rice pepper, Shuicheng red kiwifruit, kiwifruit wine (juice), Panzhou siyu King and Day siyu juice, Shuicheng good siyu pear juice, people’s small wine, etc.3. Good tea: Shuicheng Spring, Shuicheng ginger tea, Six branches and nine layers of mountain, Panzhou Biyunjian, etc.Travel to Liupanshui three must go: mutton powder in the morning, at noon sheep soup pot, water town in the evening fried pot potato!Welcome friends from all over the world to enjoy the delicious food!