Shunde Women and Children grandly held the first undergraduate clinical teaching teacher training class

2022-04-24 0 By

Teachers are the core resources of teaching work. Strengthening teacher training, standardizing teaching behavior and building excellent teachers are the key points of teaching work.As a directly affiliated hospital of Guangdong Medical University, our responsibility is not only to “cure and save people”, but also to “teach and educate people”.In order to fully implement the clinical undergraduate teaching work of Guangdong Medical University, on the morning of February 19th, our hospital held the first training class for clinical undergraduate teaching teachers.Professor He Jianyou of Guangdong Medical University, all the leading team members and the heads of clinical departments attended the opening ceremony.Chen Qikang, secretary of the Party Committee, said in his speech that teaching work, especially pediatric undergraduate teaching of “3+2” is the key work of the hospital this year, and undertaking the whole process of undergraduate teaching task is a landmark achievement of our hospital’s teaching work, with far-reaching significance.Hospital will continuously increasing investment to improve the teaching environment, the number of amplification of the classroom, dormitory, audio-visual classroom, the establishment of independent skill training center, and beautify the reading room, style of the center for the environment, at the same time increasing teacher training, improve teaching the teacher’s sense of responsibility and sense of honor, to shoulder as a teaching hospital this sacred historical mission.At the ceremony, Dean Chen riling personally interpreted the “3+2” undergraduate teaching management methods for clinical teachers, and taught how to carry out standardized teaching work.Chen pointed out that undergraduate education is fundamental to teaching, and clinical teaching is crucial for training qualified medical talents.We will become teachers with dual identities from doctors and shoulder another important mission of teaching and educating people.It is hoped that the majority of clinical teaching workers can reasonably allocate their time, conscientiously study teaching methods, improve the effect and efficiency of clinical teaching, promote the common progress of clinical and teaching, and cultivate excellent medical talents.After the opening ceremony of the class, the invited expert Professor He Jianyou from Guangdong Medical University gave us a lecture on how to do a good job in clinical probation teaching and collective lesson preparation.Combining with her own practice, she gave a detailed explanation in a simple and profound way. The whole class was rich, vivid and fascinating, which caused thunderous applause for many times.Professor He jianyou has been teaching medicine for more than 50 years. He has won many honorary titles such as Chinese Doctor Award, First-class Merit of Fighting SARS in Guangdong Province, National March eighth Red Flag Bearer and Guangdong Model Worker.Her rigorous teaching style has influenced generations of medical students and young teachers and guided them to become good doctors and teachers.Then, Lao Zhaohang, deputy director of ultrasound imaging department, introduced the new online teaching platform “Rain Classroom”.He said that “Rain Classroom” is a teaching tool that can smoothly upgrade ordinary multimedia classrooms to smart classrooms based on wechat official accounts and teachers’ PPT without adding any hardware devices, thus lowering the threshold of smart teaching.It can realize the functions of pushing preview materials before class, pushing review questions after class, communicating learning problems with teachers at any time, qr code roll call and check-in, in-class timed test, PPT permanent storage in class and so on, giving a new experience to every link before class, in-class and after-class.After Lao Zhaohang’s teaching and training, the teaching discipline will conduct online assessment on clinical teachers and issue certificates of qualification.Through this short and elaborate training, all clinical teachers have a deeper understanding of undergraduate teaching.They expressed their longing for the future of undergraduate teaching, so as to carry forward teachers’ ethics and be the guide for students to temper their character.Rigorous scholarship and teaching, do students professional learning guide;Be good at exploration and discovery, be the guide of students’ innovation;The heart of love, do the healthy growth of students.Strive to be a good teacher with ideals, beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge and a benevolent heart.