Jinxiu tax: Do a good Spring Festival “warm heart”

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Taurus says goodbye to the old year, tiger song.Approaching the Spring Festival, the roads of Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County are covered with red lanterns, reflecting off the yao buildings with distinctive local characteristics, creating a happy and harmonious scene.In the major supermarkets and markets, smoked bacon, sausage and other local specialties are full of beautiful things in eyes, fireworks in the full vitality of small and micro economy.In order to better understand the production and operation situation of merchants on the eve of the Spring Festival, Jinxiu County Tax Bureau insists on the concept of “service without breaking” and organizes the “Yao du tax volunteer service team” to take the initiative to go deep into the shops to publicize the latest tax and fee policies to merchants, solve tax-related questions on the spot, and send the warmth of the Spring Festival to the masses.”Write Spring Festival couplets to send blessings” activity scene.Tax officials send Spring Festival couplets and blessings to yao people. (Photo: Wang Yucheng)”Bacon and other local products are loved by the local people, has become one of the necessary goods in the Spring Festival, sales are very good this year!”In the town runs a specialty store, ms Yang said sales keep good without the support of the tax department, door-to-door service tax capture to expend a lot of tax cadres not only promote the facilitation measures, also teach ourselves through WeChat friends promote products, sales channels broaden benefit over the store, believe that shop business will be in the New Year is getting better and better.Filled with festive atmosphere, Spring Festival couplets are an important element of the traditional Spring Festival. The concise words contain people’s good expectations for the New Year.In order to express gratitude to taxpayers for their care and support, Jinxiu County tax bureau organized cadres and workers to carry out “writing Spring Festival couplets to send blessings” theme activities, tracing the most sincere wishes between a stroke.”Old woman, send you a picture of our own written Spring Festival couplets, I wish you in the New Year healthy and happy!”Along the streets of the county, tax officials sent carefully prepared Spring Festival couplets to ethnic minority people, and publicized to them the time and channel of social insurance premium payment, heart-warming policies and heart-warming services, continuously enhancing the sense of gain and happiness of the masses.Happy reunion is the theme of Spring Festival, but for Zheng Yi, a tax official born in the 1990s in Anyang, Henan Province, this year’s Holiday is different.Zheng Yi, the first secretary of jinxiu County’s taxation bureau, decided to heed the call to celebrate the Spring Festival in Jinxiu Town. This is the first time he will spend the Spring Festival without his parents.Zheng Yi talked with his parents on video.Zheng Yi shares his hometown specialty with colleagues.Wang Yucheng donated 5,000 disposable surgical masks to his hometown through the charity, and cooperated with the village committee of the Republic Village to register and report the returnees.Zheng Yi, who stayed in Jinxiu for the New Year, was not idle.”Bureau leadership today to the village to comfort, colleagues are also very good to me!”These days, Zheng Yi received some special products from his hometown from his family in Henan province. He couldn’t wait to share them with his colleagues, and told his family about his life through a live video link on wechat.He has been in Jinxiu, Guangxi for more than two years, and jinxiu has become his “second hometown”.Hang up the phone, he hurried back to the village, continue to guard the lights of the thousands of contributions to the “tax blue” strength.(Liang Tao, Wang Yucheng) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Ye Bin)