60 million Blades detonate winter window!Super production, superb shooting skills and strong, the premier League’s two giants

2022-04-24 0 By

As the winter window comes to the final phase, the big teams also began to make moves.The day before juve took the top scorer in Serie A for $70m, and yesterday Liverpool signed Dias.Another blockbuster signing is on the way today.Atletico Madrid striker Carrasco has been linked with two of the premier League’s biggest clubs, according to reports in Spain.Tottenham and Newcastle are both expected to pay $60m for the player in the winter window.His agent, Javier zahavi, has already held talks with Tottenham and Newcastle.If you want to play in the Premier League in the future, it depends on which of the two teams is more generous and sincere.Carrasco returned to Atletico Madrid on loan from Dalian in 2020 and has done well.Directly by Simeone’s reuse, the player once again became the most popular star in European football.The Belgian is now a key player in Simeone’s plans, but the premier League giants are so rich.Direct through liquidated damages strong dig a player, this also lets a player the second half of the season is basically certain to appear in the Premier League arena.Carrasco as the Chinese super top foreign aid, after joining Dalian did not quickly fall, but is gradually playing high their value.It has reached 40 million euros before, belongs to the super production processing boutique foreign aid.The player is strong and has excellent shooting skills, can fire from both feet, and can shoot from distance and take free kicks.Excellent dribbling ability in the super is the existence of the top, often even several people.It makes sense to be admired by two big clubs.Carrasco also blew the whistle at the end of the winter window and should be the last big signing.