Three infinite flow novels, the protagonist through the world, system in hand, alternative interpretation, funny attack

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Hello everyone, recently the weather slowly become cold, we pay attention to keep warm, winter approaching, holding a fantasy novel, let yourself lit up!I hope you valiant, handsome and extraordinary little lovely together to have a look, sure to be very good-looking!Click like and follow if you like.Recommend # # novel small make up recommend everyone today: three novel infinite flow, leading role across the boundary, system in hand, otherwise, funny struck first: “through the boundary of undead heavenly justice system,” the author: snow mark short book review: three novel infinite flow, leading role across the boundary, system in hand, otherwise, funny to be Lord of the earth, or Lord of the universe overlooking the living beings?Xiao Tian chooses the latter!Start crossing the world!New life!World of Fight: Top of Fight!Between such!Have I xiao day is day!Pit guide: “Ding!Undead Celestial Path system binding host soul successfully!””Ding!Detect host too weak chicken, reward binding novice package!””The world’s only ultimate mission!Become doudi and let Yuan-qi change the world!Work hard, Heaven!”Pass through as person, xiao Day heart great joy, he was just graduated from the working boy, inherit a legacy from the ground star, then came to this angry world has five years, also became Xiao Yan elder brother, has not been awake angry he, at the moment no sweet without sweat!”My stupid system!There you are!Open the package!””Ding!Gain the three-body ability!Gold medullary lotion!Write round eyes!The infinite resurrection power of this world!””I depend!Wood leaves in chaos?Wash the pulp and cut the pulse!Can let the war five slag waste become the arbitrary emperor of heaven!Dope.Wait a minute!Write round eyes?This is to let my shaw family to upgrade to the kaleidoscope to write round eye rhythm?”Infinite resurrection ability: the host has been killed in a variety of ways, even if the soul annihilated, can choose anywhere near the resurrection of thousands of miles, after the resurrection of two seconds to ignore any damage invincible time.”This plug-in!I took!Ah ha ha ha!Fight the world!Wait for me xiao Day to save you!”Xiao Tianchang spit a breath, heart excited not.(Click below to read it for free.)Standing in front of you is – the multi-universe ten thousand world company’s new worker, electromagnetic gun girl Nie Xiaoqian’s guardian, tauren sword fairy training class tutor, semi-mechanical female emperor’s runaway fiance, star River battleships eight level repairman, blood one billion girls dream, Dungeons and Dragons love and peace management group master.Seriously, Li Youran in the interview, once wanted to call the mental hospital, but…Who call this world management limited company, give high salary!Then, he suddenly found that the original company’s business is all real, within a few months, Li Yuran felt that his outlook on life, world view and science, as if in a shredder, can not be put together.Just like two hours ago, the CEO of yujie, who was white and beautiful and had long legs but a brain hole, suddenly told him in all seriousness, “Easy ah, can you work overtime?Have the xiuzhen civilization planet that calls ying Zhou bound, appeared demon change pollution incident, when you point takeout go by the way to solve once?”You head ah, by the way, li leisureliness haven’t had time to refuse, is directly transmitted to ying ZhouJie unknown wasteland came up, but the royal elder sister CEO has not morally bankrupt, for he has prepared a few pieces of office equipment, such as – this looks were older than him broken autoart, in royal elder sister adult’s words, “you don’t see the car is very old,But it borrows battleship technology from alpha Galaxy’s Shining Empire, with particle shields, folded Spaces, high-explosive bombs…”Well, that sounds impressive, but can someone explain why such high-tech equipment is still leaking air?(Click below to read for free) Third book: “Anti-time-travel Investigation Bureau” author: Code word li Shiqing short review: a make you laugh non-stop alternative time-travel novel — regardless of your soul wear, flesh wear, repeatedly wear, all I put over!Through chaos, who want to wear to the ancient addiction, make up the history was tampered with.National secret Service headquarters set up anti-time-travel investigation bureau, combat all kinds of historical time-travel crimes!Into the pit guide: Zhao Liang dazed open his eyes, found all around a dark, hazy do not know where.In a flash, he suddenly realized that he was carrying out the anti-crossing investigation bureau of the crossing, my god, I wear it?A little over an hour ago, I was having breakfast with my mom, and the bureau just dropped me off?Are you kidding me?Could it be the H.R. stress test for new recruits?Zhao wanted to speak and asked if anyone was here, but his voice could not give out any sound.This strange feeling made him more and more uneasy.He tried to move his hands and feet, fortunately, although a little inflexible, but at least can use, the body and consciousness of the gradual recovery, make Zhao Liang feel relieved.He turned his head from the window and looked inside the couch.Did not think of this look does not matter, Zhao Liang ao exclaimed, the whole person from the couch played up, in the couch by the inside of the place, a height of eight feet, strong man, is Shouting big sleep, Zhao Liang jumped on the couch, and then down the body to look, a thunder in Zhao Liang’s mind instant blast ring!I, I, I, I’m wearing a woman!(Click below to read for free) three infinite flow novels, the protagonist through the world, system in hand, alternative interpretation, funny attack today’s recommendation here, what do you want to say to xiaobian?Comments at the end of the article below message area, small make up can see oh, looking forward to your message ~ to review: three novel cultivate immortality flow, fix true road, refining device FuDou firmament, step six bound me exclusive three magic novels, a handbook, a system that really magic, the magic of magic, is magic prison than three novel super cool technology flow, tortoise shell, lamp, authority, and endless treasure fate, fingertips