Poke in tears!A letter home, pay tribute to the Spring Festival in Binzhou police auxiliary police

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“When different, full of eyes miss, and so close at hand and busy with work, gather less away from more.The most romantic thing I can think of is that you and I can often walk hand in hand in the night, there are two shadows under the moon, one is mine, the other is also mine!”This is a romantic “letter home” written by Liu Ruzi, a policeman in Hefang Police Station of Huimin County Public Security Bureau, to her husband tian Pengfei, deputy director of Danianchen police Station of Huimin County Public Security Bureau.The Spring Festival is a reunion of the festival, but many police auxiliary police for the family reunion, absent from the family reunion.The family that their backside pays silently writes different style “letter home” for them, send them in the post……Hello, Officer Song Qisong, deputy director of Pengli Police Station of Bincheng Branch.Thousands of words in my heart, but I do not know where to start.This Spring Festival is the eighth Spring Festival that you cannot spend at home. Although you are in the same city, you can only worry about it on the other end of the phone. When you put on the police uniform and swore an oath under the national flag and police flag, you chose responsibility and responsibility.Wish you and your comrade-in-arms go in peace and have a happy New Year!– Wife Wang Qing zhu Tonglong, High-speed Traffic Police Detachment of Binzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Dear Longge, You are always missing when you pick up your children to and from school, when your family plays and dine together.Your absence to your family is the longest confession of love to your country and people.You shoulder badge, guard thousands of;I teach, I spread culture.We stick together, enduring as the universe.Ling-ling wang north sea – wife auxiliary police public security bureau command center Auxiliary police horse dashanzi Li Yanjun north sea public security bureau police station Hai-xia sun dear mom and dad: since I can remember, every year New Year’s day is father not at home, or my mother isn’t at home, but you told me you are not at home this year New Year’s day, when I heard the news very frustrated, but I don’t blame you.Mom and dad’s work is so meaningful, only your efforts can give us a stable living environment.Mom and dad you are my pride, I love you.This Spring Festival, you rest assured on duty, I will take good care of my brother, and grandparents in their hometown happy New Year.Love your son Li Jinghui Huimin County public Security Bureau traffic patrol brigade emergency squadron police Officer Guo Haitao Guo, yesterday night you quietly broke several days of water heater repair, in the past to make fun of you do not care about the family do not take baby’s anger suddenly dissipated.We are always good at looking for something sweet in a chicken feather. Although we still complain about you, we know that you also have difficulties.Tomorrow is a long road, cherish the heart at this time.Share with you ~ – wife Caroline zhang binzhou city public security bureau, policemen patrol detachment Lu xiao Ming took a policeman need more tolerance and bear marry a police need to understand and support we are peers, is also the husband and wife we are comrades in arms, is also the relatives of our love is not only a “hand And son xielao “, is the “mutual care, alongside”.The Year of the Tiger is coming.Wish our parents, dear children, health, peace and happiness.I wish my comrade-in-arms a happy New Year.Reunion is the best gift for the Spring Festival.Although you can’t go home for the New Year, I don’t blame you. You and your comrades are on duty all day, patrol, guard, rescue, check…, give up their “small family together”, dedicated to “family reunion”, you are the glory and pride of our family!– Wife Wang Zhen Huimin County Public Security Bureau Traffic patrol brigade accident section chief Liu Lei you police I medical, different battlefields, the same feelings, is not only relatives, but also comraes-in-arms, thank you for our little family to pay every bit.Thank fate, let me meet you, thank you for giving me a warm and harmonious family.I understand your hard work and not easy, I am willing to be your strong backing understanding you, support you!Dad, I have known the proper term “police” for a long time, and have deeply experienced it for more than 20 years…When I was a child, what impressed me most was the police uniform.Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed of one day being able to wear the same clothes and do the same kind of work as you.Remember you working outside the home, my mother and I at home waiting for you until late at night, do you remember every time you come back from work I will haunt you told me you had seen and heard, remember every time see you attend policing activities that look forward to look in the eyes, but let me the deepest impression, or you all the time stressed the “loyalty” 2 words, you told me:Loyalty is the soul of the professional spirit of the police, but also our family motto.Dad, you protect Boxing during the New Year, AND I will protect Shanghai. Let’s protect everyone together!On New Year’s Eve, WE should toast together to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Now, only my parents and I are waiting for you at the dinner table.You give up the small home for everyone is my example to learn, I really hope you hurry up to finish busy, hurry home, even if only catch up with the last minute is good.Just want to say to you, come quickly, eat quickly, the dumplings are still hot.– Brother Liu Xingzhi Spring Festival letter to a paper warm words.Salute the police auxiliary police behind the police belong to!Salute to every Tibetan family!