On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, remember to eat two things and do three things, an old folk tradition, the year of the tiger

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Hello, I am xiao Peng!Every day for you to share food knowledge, practice, skills!The fifth day of the lunar New Year is the Fifth Festival, which is a Traditional Chinese folk festival!Maybe today’s young people are not familiar with this festival, but the older generation are generally familiar with it.The so-called “break five Festival” means that many taboos from New Year’s eve to the fifth day are all broken on the fifth day, so it is called “break five”!For example, after the New Year’s Eve, do not sweep the floor, do not move the needle and thread, do not break things. After the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, these taboos are lifted.In addition, the fifth day is also to send the god of poverty, to welcome the god of wealth.Meaning the New Year, make a fortune, universiade.So what else is special about this day?That is to “eat two things, do three things”, abide by these old traditions, make a fortune in the year of the Tiger.The fifth day of the Chinese New Year is the day to eat dumplings, especially in ancient times, from the princes and ministers to the common people are so, even if the guests are treated with dumplings.The fifth day to eat dumplings, there is a layer of meaning, commonly known as “pinch little mouth”, according to legend, this can be rid of slander.During the Spring Festival, rice cake must have a place in all kinds of food.Nian Gao means “high year”, and I hope that every year will get higher and higher.The fifth day is also the day to eat rice cakes, break five, usher in the New Year, indicating happiness and good luck in the coming year.The fifth day is also the day to send away the poor, known as the Year, that is to say, all the bad things in the year should be sent away on this day.One of the most important is to send the poor god, only to send away the poor god, in order to make a fortune.It is said that the god of poverty is jiang Ziya’s early groom, also known as the jinxing.When jiang Ziya sealed the god, he set up a rule, every blessing does not enter, every broken already return!That is to say, you can’t enter the place where you see the word “fu”.Therefore, people will paste the word “fu” during the Chinese New Year to drive away the poor god and welcome fortune.Many people know that they are not allowed to clean up or empty garbage for a few days after the Chinese New Year.But on the fifth day, it was lifted.But also a thorough cleaning, the home garbage, messy things are thrown away, this is called splashing pollution.Meaning the New Year, a new beginning, for a good luck.Meet the god of wealth as the saying goes, five days of financial resources for five days, a year of temporary reward wish.That is to say, the fifth day is the day to welcome the god of wealth.On this day, people will open their Windows early in the morning and clean their homes to welcome the god of wealth.And also put a variety of fruits and other tribute, I hope the god of wealth can come early, as soon as possible.Dear readers, do you celebrate the Fifth Festival there?Please help me click favorites, like, forward, remember to pay attention to me, thank you for reading!