Mechanized escort “rice bag”

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Awakening of Insects has passed, the spring equinox is in sight.In the grain producing areas of northwest Guangdong, the fertile and soft vast land has been awakened.The rattle of the machine motor broke the silence of the mountains.For a time, a rice transplanter, cultivator, in a ridge into a checkerboard of paddy fields back and forth;Farmers in twos and threes, or level the rice field, or sow rice seeds;Plant protection drones also took to the air under the command of technicians to practice flight control spraying in advance…A lively scene of spring ploughing.Here is guangdong province yunfu city xinxing County town wugufeng agricultural cooperative production base.Early in the morning on March 15, the party and government team of Yunfu city came here and opened a spring agricultural production spot meeting.Long things, eat for the big.The Central Rural Work Conference at the end of last year and the No.1 Central Document this year have made arrangements for ensuring food security.As a large agricultural city, Yunfu has convenient location advantages and unique natural resources, and has the foundation and conditions to supply high-quality agricultural and sideline products to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.This year, in the face of the provincial food sown area and output targets, Yunfu city strictly observe the red line of cultivated land, resolutely curb the “non-agricultural” of cultivated land, prevent the “non-grain”, in ensuring that more than 15 acres of abandoned farmland “zero abandoned” on the basis of vigorously promote the construction of high-standard farmland, truly achieve drought and flood harvest, high yield and stable yield.Determined to quickly fall to the ground for the front of the fields, machine rumbling.Wugufeng cooperative member Wen Shaolong is skilfully driving the rice transplanter, strong seedlings were accurately placed, implanted, after the body of a layer of thick black mud waves.”Such a big ridge, at least one mu, how long will it take to finish?””Half an hour will do.”Wen Shaolong answered easily.”The weather is good for rice cultivation.With these machines, it is fast and labor-saving to plow and plant rice.”Now, relying on the technology of agricultural leading enterprises, the local business model of “company + cooperative + peasant household” drives more than 1,000 farmers, and the cooperative planting area reaches more than 3,200 mu.In recent years, Yunfu city highlights the construction of good farmland, strong opportunity, introduction of good seed, push good technology, good policy, the city’s food production has achieved “three consecutive increase” “two years of excellence”.According to the introduction, this year the city plans to spring crop total area of 1,399,900 mu, including food crops plan for 846,400 mu.